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      Fix an installation bug. · 570c62d9
      Raphael 'kena' Poss authored
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      Enhance support for cross-compilation. · 37f83216
      Raphael 'kena' Poss authored
      This patch introduces the notion of "SaC Binary Interface" as discussed
      during the 2013 DevCamp. An overview of the approach is given in the
      "Cross-compilation" document written during the DevCamp, available
      Outline of user-facing changes:
      - updated explanatory comments at the start of sac2crc.
      - new resources in sac2crc.
      - the command-line options -mt, -mtmode disappear in favor of
        sac2crc resources.
      - '-numthread 1' does not disable -mt any more
      - new command-line options -Xc, -Xtc, -Xl, -Xtl, -T, -cc
      - tree files are searched in TREEPATH, module code is searched
        in LIBPATH (previously LIBPATH was searched for both)
      - "make install" / "make uninstall" works. See the hidden file
        ".uninstall" at the root of the source tree after "make install"
        for an overview of installed files.
      Outine of developer-facing changes:
      - the sac2c modules CCM and LIBB are merged into one module CCT.
      - sac2c is now used to compile libsac, libsacphm and libsacphmc.  The
        SBI settings defined by sac2crc are propagated to the
        libsac/libsacphm/libsacphmc code by means of preprocessor defines:
      - libsac2c does not have features conditional on the build environment
        any more. Only features of libsac/libsacphm/libsacphmc (which are
        running on the target environment) can be conditionally included.
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      Whitespace cleanup. · c61ca610
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      Whitespace cleanup. · 9f3b9bfe
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      Whitespace cleanup. · 142b1ff9
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