Commit f0df8f5e authored by Sac Historical's avatar Sac Historical
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directory change to bin when installing the tools

eliminated to avoid installation confusion.
parent 76937aeb
......@@ -194,8 +194,7 @@ insert_component d tools.tar $base/stdlib/Tools r
if [ -f $SACBASE/stdlib/Tools/tools.tar ] ; then
(cd $SACBASE/stdlib/Tools; tar xvf tools.tar; rm -f tools.tar )
chmod -R u+w $SACBASE/stdlib/tools
cd $bin
ln -s $SACBASE/stdlib/Tools/ctest .
(cd $bin; ln -s $SACBASE/stdlib/Tools/ctest .)
mess "tools.tar UNPACKED !!"
warn "stools.tar NOT UNPACKED !!"
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