Commit 558588d1 authored by Michiel Verloop's avatar Michiel Verloop
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Format string fix, potential CI fix for Mac.

parent bd2eff1c
......@@ -42,7 +42,7 @@ ADD_LIBRARY (runtimedummy STATIC "runtime_dummy.c")
# The implementation of the base environment has to be added and later linked,
# else test SetUp() and TearDown() functions methods will have no implementation.
ADD_LIBRARY (base-test-environment STATIC "base-test-environment.cpp")
TARGET_LINK_LIBRARIES (base-test-environment sac2cShared)
TARGET_LINK_LIBRARIES (base-test-environment GTest::GTest GTest::Main sac2cShared)
# Some general variables
......@@ -133,7 +133,7 @@ TEST (CTF, testCreateMessageBeginSingleLineWrapping)
"If wrapping were enabled, it would surely work on this gigantic string.");
header = SBUFcreate (0);
message_no_wrap = CTFcreateMessageBegin (&header, "%s", long_message);
message_no_wrap = CTFcreateMessageBegin (&header, "", "%s", long_message);
SBUFfree (CTFcreateMessageEnd ());
global.cti_single_line = true;
......@@ -143,7 +143,7 @@ TEST (CTF, testCreateMessageBeginSingleLineWrapping)
// Ensure that line wrapping is ignored when single_line is active:
// The output should be equal to the output from single line with wrapping explicitly disabled
header = SBUFcreate (0);
message_wrap = CTFcreateMessageBegin (&header, "%s", long_message);
message_wrap = CTFcreateMessageBegin (&header, "", "%s", long_message);
SBUFfree (CTFcreateMessageEnd ());
EXPECT_STREQ (SBUFgetBuffer (message_no_wrap), SBUFgetBuffer(message_wrap));
SBUFfree (message_no_wrap);
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