Commit 41ed2a07 authored by Hans-Nikolai Viessmann's avatar Hans-Nikolai Viessmann
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Merge branch 'hotfix-2276' into 'develop'

fix for issue 2276

See merge request sac-group/sac2c!160
parents 13fbfba3 a0df0ecd
......@@ -164,7 +164,8 @@ SERIspap (node *arg_node, info *arg_info)
SPAP_ARGS (arg_node) = TRAVopt (SPAP_ARGS (arg_node), arg_info);
if (STReq (SPAP_NAME (arg_node), "sel") && (SPAP_NS (arg_node) == NULL)) {
if (STReq (SPAP_NAME (arg_node), "sel") && (SPAP_NS (arg_node) == NULL)
&& (TCcountExprs (SPAP_ARGS (arg_node)) == 2)) {
DBUG_PRINT_TAG ("SERI_SEUT", "Spap selection found; scanning for genvars..." );
SEUTscanSelectionForShapeInfo (SPAP_ARG1 (arg_node), SPAP_ARG2 (arg_node), INFO_SERI_IDTABLE (arg_info));
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