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add MacOS release fo 1.3.3 572

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......@@ -12,6 +12,8 @@ We currently creates packages for:
To get the latest packages, checkout the [release page](
NOTE: all files are SHA256 checksummed, see the `checksums.txt` file to confirm.
## Things to be aware of
### Package variants
79aa0db00c4c9055c93761e3eeb37fe4b9f35c06dd74ec77a96265c563ef8e9a sac2c-1.3.3-MijasCosta-572-g9eca-omnibus.pkg
535190128c041b02e60d83307fc5c7b1f6d188ca20715129549073c9d3ee827f sac-stdlib-1.3-108-g5575.pkg
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